How can I judge the quality of fridge magnets produced by Mango Moon?

All our fridge magnets are produced from ‘raw’ flexible magnet and steel sheeting we import from two producers in China. Our primary supplier is the largest supplier of magnets and magnetic products in the world and has a culture of innovation from which we draw ideas.
The other supplier acts as a back-up and keeps our prices friendly.

What determines magnet strength and how does it affect performance?

There are two types of flexible magnet. Isotropic magnets and anisotropic magnets (both of which look identical). Isotropic is the less strong of the two, with anisotropic magnets approximately twice as strong as isotropic. Thickness is another variable determining strength. A 0.5mm A6 magnet will hold 2 – 3 pieces of normal bond paper.

How thick are Mango Moon’s magnets?

We typically use a 0.5mm magnet for indoor magnetic products and 0.8mm for outdoor magnetic products.

Are Mango Moon’s magnets eco-friendly?

Our magnetic products are recyclable but flexible magnets are a ‘plastic’ category product.

Can one stick magnetic products to non-ferrous surfaces such as stainless steel and aluminium?

No. Magnets only stick to ferrous surfaces such as most fridge doors found in South Africa and Africa. Magnet will attract to some stainless steel surfaces but not all.

What is the difference between fridge magnets and car magnets?

Fridge / indoor magnets are typically 0.5mm thick. Car magnets are 0.8mm for greater strength to withstand the movement of the vehicles.

Do car magnets fall off vehicles in transit?

Not if the correct thickness/strength material is used and applied correctly. For example: it should not straddle a vehicle’s beading or any protrusions/hollows.

Customisation, design and artwork:

Do you charge for artwork?

No. We offer it free with every order confirmed to us in writing.

Will we produce a design for you from start to finish for free?

No. We will require a PDF of your logo and a written brief describing what information you want on the product and a design brief. We do not redesign your corporate ID as part of the brief. We will however, create and complete the design as part of our free service.

Will you make multiple design changes?

No. We are happy to make two or so design changes. We are there to provide a service but a good brief helps.

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