magnetic photo frame

Magnetic Photo Frame

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Product Description

Frame magnets have recently emerged as one of Mango Moon’s most popular products, mainly owing to its low cost per unit and practicality.

  • Flexible size and shape options to meet any objective and budget.
  • Permanent branding on the fridge of the consumer, ‘locking in’ an important emotional picture of a loved one or memory.
  • Branding connects with the picture.
  • The unit cost of a picture frame magnet is very low relative to its physical attributes.
  • Long product lifespan ensures excellent value for money.
  • Frame magnets are small and flat which makes them ideal for promotional give-aways.
  • Pack and packaging incur low distribution costs.
  • This product is individually flow-wrapped in clear BOPP bags, which can accommodate a leaflet/flyer adding additional significant value add.